The Power of Siblings

“I hate my siblings! I can’t stand them! I mean, what are they for anyway?”

Have you ever caught yourself thinking or saying this? Well to answer the question what are they for…

Where would you be without your loving older siblings to help you along the way? Even if they may be a little tough in the way they do it, they’re always looking out for you and trying to keep you on the straight path.

Where would you be if you didn’t have that comic relief from either older or younger siblings? Maybe their lame jokes annoy you from time to time but when you need it they’ll always have it ready.

Where would you be without a wonderful brother to tell you what you’re doing wrong, or a younger sister to tell you what needs to be done, or all of them combined to make the best combination ever?

In the story of our life their are several doors all with locks on them, when we come to a door in our life that won’t open most of the time it’s because we aren’t willing to use the keys that God has given us to open it. One of those keys are our siblings.

I’m blessed to have five siblings in my family. All of my three older brothers are 1, awesome and 2, insanely¬†talented in their own ways. My two younger siblings usually account for the comical relief but not always, Sometimes it just takes a suggestion from my 12 year old computer savvy younger brother to get past a locked door or a very to-the-point order from my 14 year old younger sister to get me moving.

Now I’m not saying that I’ve never said I hated them, never said that I couldn’t stand it any more or that I have never asked what they were there for? But what I am saying is, thanks to the grace of God I 1: now know their purpose, (which is more than to unlock my doors) and 2: when those hard times come when I “can’t stand it” I take a breath and think of what a wonderful gift God has given to me.

But before I leave I want to add one more thing. You may think that someone else’s siblings would work better for you, but the locks on the doors in your life require a combination, one which only your family, your siblings and you can open. And if one of the reasons that siblings were put on earth is to open up locked doors, maybe you should get to work helping them open their’s.

I love you guys! You are awesome!

Pictures taken throughout our time in TN


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