Entrepreneurial at Home – Guest writer Thomas Wilson

“I started buying and selling liquidated merchandise in Jan 2013 for the purpose of building enough cash on hand to invest in rental property to build passive income so that I have freedom to not be a slave to a wage.

My goals were (and still are)
1 Never be a slave to money Prov 30:8-9
2 Freely give to the brethren 1John 3:17
3 Grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord with the family He gives me Deut 11:18-21
The Lord blessed that endeavor and by the end of April 2013 I had purchased a rental
But I found that I greatly enjoyed what I was doing and decided to grow it and make it into an actual business. So I sold the property in Aug 2013 and invested the profits into my online business
The Lord continued to bless it and allowed other people to invest in it.
Jan 2014 I officially made it a LLC business and grew it large enough to need my own space and bought a building the end of Feb 2014 that is my home and warehouse.
By Aug 2014 through the blessing of the Lord had paid back all my investors and have had the opportunity and freedom to travel and help whenever and wherever I can.
My vision for this business has been to disciple other families to become self reliant cultivating in them a desire to be free from slavery to a salary. To be able to create opportunities in which families would be able to learn how to produce more than they consume. To then one day see the Lord use these opportunities to bring many fathers home from the “work force”.
By God’s grace He has blessed this endeavor.”
This is his mission statement:
The A.R.T. (Asset Redistributor Training) Foundation Rebuilding the economy one family at a time We the founders have seen a desire of many men to spiritually lead in their families, churches, and communities, to “make disciples of all the nations teaching them to observe all things that He has commanded” (Matt.28:19-20). Not a few of these men are in some way or another held back by their job. Therefore the purpose of this organization is to disciple men and their families to no longer be slaves to a wage, and train them to instead have the freedom to invest their greatest asset, their time, in their families, churches, and nations. It is our understanding that the foundation of the nation is the church and the foundation of the church is the family, and “if the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do” (Ps. 11:3) The goal of this organization is to train men and their families how to identify, acquire, maintain, and sell assets. So that they might produce a family economy based on good stewardship, not only of finances but also of time.
When asked what kept him going his reply was, “Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”
Thomas Wilson is 23 years old and lives in Linden TN. He is the owner of the A.R.T. foundation and works with men in the
community. His business surrounds the resale of liquidated merchandise which he has been quite successful at. He continues to grow his network through conferences and grows his ministry helping families and individuals grow their income.

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