My name is Alyssa Wilson and I’m your host! I’m so happy to have met your acquaintance.



I’m told that this page is for you to get to know me better, so let’s not be shy about it.  I’m a 15 year old energetic writer, with a wild imagination and a huge curiosity level. I love to write fiction but have found a certain desire to share with the world what God has given to me. Even at my young age the LORD has taught me much and I am grateful to him for that.  I hope that you will find these pages filled with encouragement and strength for the struggles that God has planned for you.


I live in Tennessee with my parents and three siblings that are still at home, and dearly miss the two that have left. I keep busy with events, reading and writing. I dabble at sewing just a little bit and enjoy a cup of tea with a good chapter of Sherlock Holmes.



I can not say my life is dull my family and friends keep me on my toes. But I still find time to jot a little here and a little there. I hope you find my musings to be helpful.


Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Thank you Alyssa! It is so refreshing to have practical, godly advice shared freely like it was meant to be! Never lose your zest for God! Keep seeking Him, the blessings from doing so are inumerable! 🙂


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